Neon signage across the street

How to Take Good Pictures of Your Neon Signage

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Neon signage across the street

Neon signs are pretty to look at and yet they’re quite difficult to take pictures of. They catch the eyes of passers-by, making them notice your signage and of course, your business. If you have a big following on social media or you’re just trying to get the word out there, then you might want to take great photos of your establishment and of course, your new neon signage.

Here, we will discuss a few tips on how you can take great photos of your neon signage that you got from that awesome sign company in Los Angeles.

Choose the Right Time

Your neon signage will look its best during the night, as this makes the signage pop up and stand out effortlessly. The best time of the night to take photos is during the blue hour — 15 minutes before dawn or 10 minutes after the sun sets.

This will make the neon signage stand out, as it is dark enough to make the neon tubes show up on the picture, yet there is still a little bit of light to capture the surroundings. Make sure to focus on the signage, so it would not be washed out when taking photos of it.

Stabilization and Flash

Using the flash on your camera will not help when taking photos of neon signages. This will wash out the lights on your neon signage, making it almost impossible to see in the photo. Make sure to turn off the flash before taking photos of it. If you find it to be too dark, then try using the night feature and see if it will capture the signage well.

You should also use a tripod to stabilize your camera during the shoot. You cannot afford to be shaky, especially if you are under time pressure and trying to capture the signage during the best time of the night or day.

Use a Professional Camera

photographer taking a photo

If you’re planning to post the photo on your social media pages and to your website, then you might want to use a professional camera. This way, you can manually set it to have the right ISO, white balance, saturation, brightness, and contrast.

Your mobile phone’s camera just won’t cut it, especially if you want a high-resolution photo without flaws in it. Moreover, high-resolution photos are easier to edit since they wouldn’t lose their quality easily.

Ask for Help

If you don’t have a professional camera or you’re just not that great with taking photos, then go ahead and ask your friends or family for help. They might know a thing or two about photography, or they might have a professional camera you could borrow. If you don’t have photographer friends or relatives, then you might want to hire a professional photographer to do the job for you.

Great photos can do a huge difference when trying to market your new business. Make sure to post it on every social media page so many people can see it. Edit it properly before posting, though, as you need to post the best photo out there.

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