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How to Make Your Ad Interesting Enough

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Creating and paying for an ad on Facebook won’t do you much good if it can’t capture the attention of potential clients. Many marketing companies in Denver and other places offer SEO, PPC advertising, and social media services that can expand your reach. However, using Facebook ad space is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, either through photos or videos.

You’re already spending time and money on creating and posting the ad on Facebook; you might as well add creativity and strategy to the mix. Social media, as effective a marketing tool as it can be, is a highly competitive platform. Therefore, you need to be more creative with your ads to make people stop scrolling and look at it. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

1. Make square ads

Facebook displays ads in a square video format, which catches the attention of users since they can see the entire video and the caption underneath. Make sure your ads follow this format to attain maximum viewers.

2. Use all caps and emojis

Catch people’s attention by posting your headline in all capital letters. Add some emojis, too, but don’t overdo it.

3. Start your video with a question

The first few seconds of your video is critical because 1) it can catch people’s attention and 2) it can make them stop long enough to watch the entire video. Starting with a question can catch the attention of your target audience. For example, if you are offering dermatology products or services, start with: “Do you want clearer skin but for half the price?” or “Are you experiencing one of these common skin problems?”

4. Cater to mobile users first

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More people use Facebook on their phones than on a computer or laptop. Therefore, you should make sure your ad looks good on mobile by previewing it before posting.

5. Open with a creative intro

A user will scroll through your ad if your intro isn’t eye-catching enough. To avoid this, try adding visual effects like bouncing, shaking, or sliding transitions, among others. You can also try adding a finished product in the intro (e.g., the end product of a recipe or DIY project).

6. Try the vlog approach

Remember stopping to watch a “review” or vlog, and it turned out to be an ad? It’s an effective strategy that many marketing companies use to reel in potential customers. Try this strategy for your products or services, although you will need to commission a good actor for a vlogger to create it.

7. Use compelling images

For photo ads, it can be trickier to make audiences interested. You would need to choose the best images for your ad; not necessarily the ‘best’ as in a photographic sense, but best in terms of eye-catching potential. Using compelling imagery can make a person stop and look at the picture. After looking at it, they will most likely read the headline or caption.

Social media marketing is proven effective in increasing brand awareness, gaining more clientele, expanding your network, and much more. However, to achieve these benefits, you must make your ad worthy of looking at. With these tips, you can make more people stop and look at your posts.

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