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How to Maintain Your Car For Longer

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Owning a car is a chance to be more mobile without the hassle of commuting using public transport. But of course, it’s not that simple. Having your own car comes with just as many responsibilities as it has benefits.

Many brands and makes such as Subaru come with potential repair costs that are relatively low compared to other luxury brands. That means taking them to a professional who knows exactly what to do won’t really polish off your savings. Nevertheless, it’s still important to know how to fix simple issues or at least how to assess any concern.

Check Your Tires

The tires are the parts of your car that are exposed to most wear and tear. No matter the terrain, they will be traveling at a speed against varying surfaces. Make sure your tires are properly inflated or else they could suffer a flat. The floppier a tire is, the more pressure it puts on the other tires to compensate. Before you know it, you could have multiple tires blowing out.

To find the correct pressure for each tire, check the placard in the driver’s side door jamb. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check on your spare tire, too. The last thing you’ll want is your saving grace to end up under-inflated.

Monitor Your Oil

Not just the oil but the oil filter, too. Your car’s oil serves as a lubricant for your engine. This keeps the parts from grinding against each other. When left alone, this can ultimately destroy your engine. You can easily check the levels of motor oil using a dipstick. This can also show if it’s time to change your motor oil completely. Over time, old motor oil can accumulate contaminants that can also cause friction and damage.

Your owner’s manual can tell you which type of oil your engine needs. But if you want to be extra sure when choosing among the myriad of oils available, you can ask a professional who can help you decide

Watch Your Battery Life

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You’ll see that many cars have their batteries suddenly drained only to figure out that they left the lights on for a long period. If you think your battery is low on juice, simply buy a new one. These are relatively affordable. Some services can even bring you the battery wherever your car may be stuck.

If your battery still has power, then a simple maintenance check for corrosion will do. Running a wire brush with some water and baking soda along the battery terminals will keep them in top form.

Wash and Wax Your Car

Keeping your car clean means it will stay free of corrosion. But be sure to clean the interiors, too. Any abrasive or sticky substance can cause staining or attract pests. Dust and dirt can also build up. For interiors, wipe down surfaces with a non-abrasive cleaner before vacuuming. You’ll also want to dust and air dry your mats.

Waxing also does the handy trick of keeping your car shiny while stopping paint oxidation. The waxy material works as a shield against pollution, liquids, and dirt that could adhere to the surface. Whether you’re looking to pass on your car to future generations or you’re hoping to resell it in the future, keeping it looking good and working even better is highly important. Thanks to a few simple steps you should make part of your routine, you can expect your car to look and perform as good as new.

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