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How to Find the Perfect Sprinter for Your Dream Van Life

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Lined up white sprinter vansSo, you’ve found a used Freightliner sprinter for sale in Idaho. Now, that you’ve finally seen the car of your dreams, you can’t wait to start your van life soon. But buying a used car is not easy. There are various factors that you should consider aside from its body.

To help you with buying a used RV, here are a few things that you can review before you close the deal.

Know the weaknesses of the vehicle

Bear in mind that all sprinters have their features. Every three major iterations have their pros and cons that buyers should know. The original sprinter from 1995–2006 has a reputation for being fast travel vans that can handle half a million miles if well-maintained.

Meanwhile, the 2006 model from 2006-2014 has better electronics and engine models compared to the older model. On the other hand, the 2014 model has driving assistance but has DPF filter issues.

Check for rust

Sprinter owners can attest that this car model highly prone to rust. However, most of these rust issues often boil down to the owner’s maintenance. So, try under the vehicle to see if there are any holes drilled through the floor lining.

You should also check the suspension for any surface rust. Then, see if the seams below the panels that connect to the roof have any leaks. It’s best to look up and down this area since this is where leaks commonly occur.

Check the service history

Man holding the sprinter van's keyYou should check the service history as well as the MOT status of the sprinter. It’s rare for owners to bring their sprinters for a yearly service at their local garage. So, see if you can get a copy of the service history to know the service intervals.

You could also check if the service center changed the oil or if the previous owner added a new filter. Failure to find the service history can affect the resale value of the vehicle.

Check all the doors

Sprinters are prone to warping as time passes by, which is also an excellent opportunity to check if the previous owner did any replacements. Check if the doors are flush and don’t leave any gaps when closed. Ensuring that everything is in the right conditions means that you won’t have any problems keeping the warm air inside during winter.

Do a test drive

Looking all nice and shiny on the outside doesn’t mean that everything’s all good once you take it home. So, try to do a test drive first before signing any contract. Go home and think about it for the meantime. Doing so will prevent you from spending the money on something that isn’t worth it.

These are only a few of the things that you need to remember when buying a used sprinter. Bring with you any of your friends or family who have already purchased an RV previously. Having them around can be handy, especially when looking for any problems with the vehicle.

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