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How Much are You Willing to Pay for Gardening Services in the UK?

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Woman garndeningHouseholds should expect to spend an average of £100 for gardening work. While Britons prefer DIY projects, it will not hurt to spend on professional services, especially if you want to increase the value of your home.

If you are looking for a garden designer in Kent or a landscaping service in London, the usual cost of hiring them may range between £59 and £200, depending on the type of services you need.

Budget Factors

Most contractors charge by the hour, so it is better to ask for quotes on specific services instead of paying a full-service fee. This lets you save money whilst being personally involved in the project.

A typical gardening or landscaping project lasts for around eight hours, but smaller projects should take less than that. If you only need regular pruning and weeding, it may cost £23 per hour. Those who are too busy to be hands-on with their gardens should be prepared to spend more.

Home Upgrades

Gardening services usually account for a big portion of the budget for home improvement. Most people have spent £1,875 on average in the last five years for projects, such as remodelling, landscaping and upgrades to the bathroom and kitchen.

Increased curb appeal is important if you plan to sell your house in the future. Most buyers will likely step inside a property with a well-maintained garden. Remember that the amount you spend on your garden should somehow reflect the appearance of the interior space. A kitchen makeover is among the most popular home improvement projects and it costs £5,016 on average. Bathroom renovations are cheaper, with an average cost of £2,719.

The actual cost of gardening and landscaping service will depend on several factors, but this project could be a worthwhile investment if done properly. How much is your budget for a professional gardening service?

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