How Moisture-Cured Coatings Cut Your Costs in Water Tank Painting?

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Water TankRegular coatings used in water tanks can have adhesion issues. When a tank is filled with water or any other substance, condensation occurs on the outer surfaces. This makes the outer surface moist and susceptible to coating issues. So painting the water tanks when they contain water or any other substance is not possible.

  • Avoid tank downtime

If you use regular coatings, you have to empty the tank before attempting to paint them. You have to first drain them of all their contents to begin with. They have to also be thoroughly cleaned and blasted off all contaminants. They have to be dried completely before any coating and painting is applied to the tanks. But draining the tank means tank downtime, which can turn expensive. But this can be avoided if you use moisture cured coatings as you will avoid downtime and save on your costs.

  • Moisture cured coatings

With moisture-cured coatings, you can have your water tanks properly and safely painted, says Rhino Water Tanks. With these coatings you need not empty the tanks of their contents, for painting them. As a result, it can save you a large amount of money and time. Moisture coatings are made of chemicals called, monomers, which are very reactive in the presence of hydrogen. When this coating has applied the chemical in it reacts with the hydrogen present in the moisture. This reaction helps the coating to dry very quickly. So you can finish the painting on the outer surface in a short period of time, thus further saving on the costs.

  • Other advantages

There are other benefits of these moisture-cured coatings. Over time, these coatings offer durable and strong protection to the tank’s outer surface. These coatings are not susceptible to hydrogen in the moisture, they protect the tank from any damage, even in very humid conditions. They offer the luxury of in-service painting which is very beneficial for all public facilities, commercial properties and industrial plants. They are resistant to corrosion and rusting.

The best part is that coatings come with a wide range of colours, so you can pick one that meets your preference. With smart planning and with the help of experts, painting tanks can be a worthwhile decision.

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