Water Heaters

How Broken Water Heaters Damage Property

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Water HeatersLeaky water heaters may seem like a small problem, but if left alone, they begin to wreak havoc on different parts of your property. As these may lead to flooding, the accumulated damage puts pressure on the load bearing sections of your home.

Causes of Water Heater Failure and Damage

Water heaters transfer and hold water constantly, even when they already begin to malfunction. Over time, the heater will accumulate deposits. These trigger the corrosion process and damage the tank’s heating features and lining.

The continuous flow of water wears out the pipes and tank; hot water puts pressure on the parts it passes through. The regular heating of water also exposes the heater to extreme changes of temperature. Water heaters go through tough conditions unlike any other appliance.

Heaters deteriorate gradually, but there are cases when they break down faster than usual. There are indicators of an impending malfunction, such as whistling or hissing sounds from the unit; water accumulation under the heater; and hot water shortage when in use.

Walton Plumbing suggests that once you discover any signs of heater damage, contact a plumber immediately. Delays will only lead to bigger problems that are costly and more difficult to address.

Damage Caused by Water Heater Leaks

Water heater leaks lead to all kinds of damage, from minor ones to major issues that affect your home’s structure. A leak may cause mould growth, which leads to lower indoor air quality and may trigger allergic reactions.

Leaks may also damage drywall. As water soaks the plaster, this results in bubbling and bending. Continuous water accumulation on the load bearing parts of your house may lead to structural damage that affects their capacity to support weight.

Water heater leaks lead to serious property damage. Avoid dealing with costly problems by having your heaters fixed right away.

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