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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Cherry Picker

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Cherry Picker from UKFruit farmers were the first ones to use the cherry picker. Today, however, many industries in the UK rely on the elevated platform for high-access jobs.

With a cherry picker, you can trim tree branches, clean or fix roofs, repair broken electric posts and more. Emergency workers also use the elevated platform for rescue work. Whatever the application, cherry pickers provide an efficient and safer option to scaffolding.

But with the growing number of cherry picker providers in the UK, how do you choose an elevated work platform? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Requirements

Determine your application, and hire a cherry picker that can help you safely perform specific tasks. Choose a platform with greater capacity than you require so you prepare for job site features, such as overhead obstruction. Consider the materials and tools you will need to lift, too.

  1. Environment

Will you be working on a sloping, uneven surface? Are there potholes or broken pieces of concrete on the road? Are you working indoors? Your choice of mobile elevated platform will depend on where you will use it.

  1.  Operator

The cherry picker operator is responsible for everyone’s safety in the site. He needs the right training and certification to prove competence. Look for an operator with a Powered Access License or a similar certification.

  1.  Safety

All equipment will come with risks. So safety is crucial, for you and the people around the job site. Wear the appropriate gear. Know how to operate or work using the elevated work platform. And check the reliability of the equipment by inspecting it before use.

Cherry pickers make any work at height efficient and safe. But you need to first follow a few guidelines when hiring one. In doing so, you ensure productivity and safety for any job.

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