Headstones in a Cemetery

Headstone Inscriptions That Can Create Lasting Impressions

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Headstones in a CemeteryMore often than not, a dying person’s last words are some of the most important ones that they will ever say. Sometimes, those words make their way into their headstone and are remembered by their still-living relatives and friends. It may sound a bit morbid, but deciding on what you would want to put on your headstone would be a better option than having someone else choose for you. Here are some ideas to can get you started:

A Poem – Anybody can pick out a quote from somewhere and make it their own but there’s the special few who can put their own words into poetry. If you have a knack for creating memorable verses with a few choice words, a good rhythm and a profound message then create a poem for your headstone inscription. Poetry, after all, has lasted for centuries. You might as well go with something personal and memorable.

A Funny Quote – Funerals are almost always associated with sadness and grief. While those feelings can’t be avoided, a little bit of well-placed humor can bring comfort to those you will leave behind. It can also act as something good to remember you by. Think of it as you saying to them, “Don’t worry, everything will be all right. So smile because I’m in a better place.”

A Piece of Art – Sometimes, there are messages that are best said with images instead of words. Maybe you are one of the people who are better at expressing themselves visually instead of using words. If so, create a headstone for your Ogden burial that reflects your creativity and have art inscribed on it instead of a quote.

Headstone inscriptions can tell a lot about one’s life, even more than one’s death. They can also bring inspiration, comfort, and good memories to the people who grieve their loss. While you have the chance to make your funeral arrangements, do consider the message that you will leave on your grave. Not only will you be remembered for it but you can continue to influence the living even after you’re gone.

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