Hardwood Floor Restoration: Breathe New Life into Your Home

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Dog on a hardwood floorHardwood floors are highly sought after because of their beauty and rarity. Good timber can be hard to come by due to stricter deforestation laws and the increased availability of less costly options such as ceramic tile, laminate and carpet. It is therefore saddening to see stained or damaged hardwood flooring – replacements can be costly, and finding the right kind of wood can be tough.

Instead of replacing your flooring completely, consider restoring it through refinishing. It is ideal for old homes with a lot of staining, or wood that has been water damaged. A good floor sander removes the topmost layer of the wood, which allows you to refinish it.

Long Lasting but Not Immune to Damage

Wood flooring is long-lasting and wear resistant. Hardwood, however, is not immune to damage. It requires regular upkeep and maintenance through oiling or waxing to keep the wood looking beautiful and to prevent the growth of mould. You cannot use a wet mop on hardwood as moisture can stain it. Wood may also darken as it ages, and may shrink and expand over time.

Common types of timber available in New Zealand include oak, elm, cedar, cherry, cypress and radiata pine. There are also much rarer hardwoods, such as kauri, a native tree. Some ancient kauri are very old indeed, some over a thousand years old. These types of hardwood benefit greatly from refinishing, as they are difficult to replace.

Breathe New Life into Your Home

It is best to leave the sanding process to professionals, as hardwood flooring requires to be specialised sanding tools. The operator will carefully remove just enough of the damaged surface to let the natural beauty of the wood show through. It has to be completely levelled and free of any scratch marks and lumps after sanding.

After the wood dust has completely cleared, you can have it refinished to restore it to its natural beauty. Some homeowners prefer a natural, oiled finish, while others have their floors sealed with a polyurethane coat to make it more resilient to water damage.

This breathes new life into your home and helps you preserve your hardwood floors for longer.

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