Hair Care Hacks: The Best Practices for Healthy Hair

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Gorgeous Hair in Salt Lake CitySome people are lucky to have been born with commercial shampoo-worthy hair, while some people always look out for safe ways to achieve that gorgeous hair. Fortunately, this article shares a few practical hacks.

  • They have their hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. Frequent haircuts will minimize breakage or split ends
  • Use the best hair products specific to their hair profile. To maintain hair length and strength, you should start with a proper hair care routine. Stick with products ta tare sulfate-free and contains special keratins and oils. It’s likewise vital to strengthen your hair so that it could withstand potential damage come summer time, advises a hair care expert from a renowned beauty school in Salt Lake City.
  • Apply hair masks every single week to soften and hydrate over-processed, dull, dry, and brittle hair.
  • Avoid heat styling tools or set them to the lowest, most effective setting. In addition, they always apply a heat protectant product before heat styling.
  • Don’t bleach hair. Bleach is simply not good for your hair, period. Bleaching strips color off your hair, which could lead to significant hair damage if performed incorrectly. Consider a semi-permanent hair dye instead.
  • Wash hair with cold water. Hot water will leave your hair looking lifeless and dry. To avoid this, rinse your hair using cold water after you shampoo and condition. The cold water effectively closes the protective cuticle and lock in needed moisture.
  • Know how to blow dry their hair properly. The nozzle must be aimed down the hair shaft, while you hold each hair section with a brush. Instead of heat, dry your hair with the cool air setting to lock in moisture.
  • Use hair serums. This efficiently hydrates your hair using light, concentrated oils. Just avoid applying too much if you want to keep your hair’s volume.
  • Use leave-in conditioners. While your good old conditioner is fine, if you’re looking for more moisture and shine, apply hair serum and follow up with a leave-in conditioner before blow drying your hair.

See, having perfect hair need not be expensive and complicated. Start practicing these habits and you’ll be on your way to having healthy hair in no time at all.

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