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Green Suggestions to Keep Your Oven in Good Condition

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Clean OvenIt is hard to clean your oven after using it for an entire day of cooking. As some skip this part of their kitchen duty, they tend to use their oven until the inside is dirty and caked with the juices from the cooked food. When this happens, be prepared to scrub and use all the cleaning solvents available just to bring back the shine to your appliance.

Before you even go there, consider these eco-friendly solutions for oven maintenance:

Preventing a Mess

Before you start baking or cooking, line the bottom of your oven with foil to prevent mess and catch drippings. If you will only be using the upper racks, place empty baking pans in the lowest rack to prevent burnt juices from coating the bottom of the oven.

New Zealand Food Equipment Specialist Ltd recommends removing the oven racks that are not necessary for your baking needs before you start cooking. Even if you are too tired to clean your oven after use, wipe away whatever you can and spray an overnight solution on tough spots.

DIY Remedies

Homeowners who do not like using commercial oven cleaners turn to vinegar and baking soda solution. Many homemade recipe versions of this cleaning agent are available — you can actually find recipes online. The great thing about this cleaning compound is the lack of chemical or toxic cleaning ingredients. After all, the last thing you want is to contaminate your meals with commercial cleaning ingredients.

Expert Attention

Every appliance needs regular maintenance to run at maximum capacity. The oven is one of the most used kitchen equipment that hardly gets any professional attention until it finally breaks down. If you have yet to find a professional appliance maintenance company, this is the best time to start.

Don’t wait for your oven to breakdown and leave you with nothing to use for meal preparations. Remember that it’s a cook’s responsibility to keep all kitchenware in good condition.

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