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Got Extra Space? Look for a Storage Unit for Your Next Move

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small spaceLong distance transfers can take its toll on you without thorough planning. Apart from transporting items, you need to find storage units that can accommodate heavy furniture and other valuables that you can’t bring when relocating.

Renting a unit before your long-distance move is a smart thing to do, but you should consider a few factors when choosing your unit:

Finding the perfect unit

Evaluate your needs.To find the perfect match, list the things that require storage before your move. Will you be leaving behindhousehold appliances? Are there any delicate items or antique pieces that require special handling? If you’re planning to leave behind a vehicle when you move away, rent a separate Perth self-storage unit.

Determining available modern features

The most established storage facilities in Australia have kept up with thetimes and equipped their units with state-of-the-art security systems. To keep your personal possessions safe from theft and damage, look for a storage unit with a modern monitoring system. The security features of the facility must be more than adequate. Ask the right questions — don’t settle for a storage company that can’t give you peace of mind with their security system and monitoring procedures.

Comparing quotes

Don’t just look at one facility; get quotes from different self-storage unit providers in the area. This will give you more options when comparing prices, features, and services. Look for a company that offers affordable services and prioritises their customer’s needs and welfare. It’s also prudent to consider the business hours and access requirements.Before you sign an agreement, perform a background research on the company and see their track record.

There’s no need to stress over your move. Once you find that unit for stashing your items, everything will fall into place — you don’t need to worry about a single thing when moving day comes.

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