Go Where the Green Is: Moving to Asheville in North Carolina

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Options for real estate vary in Asheville, North Carolina. You can live in communities with a very suburban feel or those that feel secluded, but not distant – the choice is all yours! The different types of housing suit certain types of people better than others. One thing, however, is clear: the closer you are to nature, the better your living situation is.

Asheville in North Carolina

What makes nature so special in terms of housing?

The Call of Nature

Being closer to nature is being closer to one’s natural habitat. No amount of evolution or social conditioning can completely remove a person’s desire to commune with nature. People who have the opportunity to get away from their busy lives are less depressed. This is also why people who live near parks and other natural sites are a lot happier than their urban counterparts.

Health and Biology

People who are moderately exposed to sunlight and natural, fresh elements are physically healthier. Nature offers fresh air and shaded sunlight no amount of vitamin supplements can provide. Living near nature opens you to all sorts of physical activities, too. A hike or a trek is better exercise than an hour at the gym. It is more stimulating, too.

Rest and Relaxation

A view of the mountain or a stretch of backyard is about as far from a work cubicle you can get. Even coming home to the view of a sun setting down between two mountains can give you a sense of serenity. You don’t have to go out of your way to go on vacation from your daily life. Living near nature gives you that same feeling every day.

When you have your pick of North Carolina counties, choose real estate like that in Asheville—close to nature and surrounded by beauty. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how big or small your family, everybody can’t resist waking up to a stunning view.

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