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A Guide to Giving Gifts to People Who Have Everything

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There are multiple reasons for and good things about giving gifts to people your value and care for. One obvious reason is that it’s a great way to show love. In fact, giving some a meaningful gift works in the same way as expressing your love through beautifully crafted words. It makes that person appreciated and special.

Gift giving can also be a way to reward a job well done, ease a pang of certain guilt, give thanks, or strengthen the bond. Hunting for the perfect gift can both be exciting and challenging, especially if you’re giving it to someone who might seem to have everything they could possibly need. Stuck in this problem? We have some practical solutions right here.

Don’t focus on uniqueness

We are sometimes too caught up in searching for a unique gift to give to our loved ones. However, that’s not usually what the recipients want. Most of them also want things that others already have. This is especially true if you’re planning to give gifts to several people. Instead of giving them different and unique gifts, why not buy the same item to avoid comparison? Diversity is not always the best solution when it comes to gift giving.

Choose the problem solvers

It’s not always a good thing to give too many gifts to people. Instead of focusing on what can add to their happiness, why not help them get rid of a problem through your gift? For instance, if they constantly have a hard time cleaning their home or cooking their meals on busy days, get them a gift certificate for a cleaning or food service. Are they typically complaining about body pain? Pay for their session with a physical therapist! You can also hire a handyman to fix their leaky pipes or damaged gutters at home. They’ll surely appreciate you helping out fix these annoyances.

Pick based on shared interests

One of the safest ways to find a great gift is to base your decision on your shared interests or hobbies. This is fairly simple, but it can ensure you won’t be wasting your money on something you aren’t sure of. Do both of you love fashion and working out? Get them that trendy pair of workout clothes. Are you into hiking or mountain climbing? There might be missing important hiking gear that you can buy for them. Think about what’s common between you and choose a gift based on that.

Stick to practicality

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Most people think that flashy gifts or items with bedazzlement factors can always impress someone, may it be giving a set of jewelry or a huge bouquet of red roses. Be responsible enough to think about practicality. Buy things that, even if they have one, they can still use more frequently. For instance, if you’re giving a gift to a casual gal, get them nice denim jeans they can wear on relaxing weekends or date nights. Sending a gift to a homebody? Buy them the newest pair of pajamas in their favorite clothing brand.

Give them experience

We do love items and things that we can use for our hobbies and daily lives, from books, journals, art tools, or craft kits. But if you want to make a mistake to give them something they already have, giving them experience could be your savior. You can give them a gift card for a soothing and luxurious spa day. Buy tickets to see a live show or performance. Or, treat them to their favorite restaurant or visit the new one in town. Other amazing ideas you can choose from include skydiving, sports training sessions, and cooking and art classes. Don’t forget to consider their interests.

Ask them what they want

Hunting for the perfect gift can take you weeks, which is annoying and frustrating. Instead of hoping that the receiver will like the gift, just simply ask them what they want. This is the easiest and surest way to make sure they’ll be happy with the gift for the years to come. Yes, it can cut the surprise in half, but if you’re aiming to make them happy for longer, then ask away.

Whether you’re giving gifts for a reason or just because you want to, what’s important is that it comes from the heart. As cliché as that sounds to you, that’s the only way to give something special and memorable to a person who seems to have everything. They will appreciate the effort, the time, and the thought you give into choosing the gift you gave them. After all, that’s the real essence of gift giving.

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