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Garage Door Issues Every Homeowner Should Address ASAP

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Automatic garage doors are convenient, time and space-saving, as well as secure. They help car owners drive in and out of their house without having to step out of the vehicle and manually open and close the doors.

Given the number of times a garage door opens and closes in a single day, it is normal for the door itself or the garage motor to break down and need repair. In Cairns and neighbouring cities, homeowners can call professionals for repair services to prevent the damage from worsening.

Here are some common problems homeowners should look out for.

Blocked Photo Eye

When garage doors start to become problematic, it is usually due to the photo-eye, which could be damaged or cut. Leaks and rainstorms are the main culprits. Dust and dirt also block the laser beam and clog the photo-eye.

You can keep your garage door in excellent working condition if you clean it regularly. Use clean tissue or cloth to remove unwanted residue in your photo-eye.

Disengaged Cables

When your garage door torsion springs break, expect that your cables will also snap off. In this case, call the experts to handle the repair because disengaged cables can cause damage to your walls or harm to the person inside the garage.

Incorrect Sensitivity Level

This usually happens in a freshly installed garage door or an outdated one since its sensitivity level has been set either too high or too low. To fix this, refer to your manufacturer’s manual and reset the sensitivity of your door.

Interrupted Power Source

Some homeowners make the mistake of unplugging their power source and then wonder why the garage door is not working. This may sound funny but yes, it actually happens. This is why you need to ensure that your garage door opener is plugged into a functional outlet.

You might not notice it but an outlet can break down due to wear and tear or damage. Have an electrician check the fuse and circuit breaker, and the electric outlets in your garage.

Malfunctioning Remote Control

A broken remote control is another culprit why your garage door fails to open. Reprogram it or change the batteries.

Limit Settings Need Adjustment

Garage Door

In case your door instantly opens and closes, the limit settings may need to be adjusted. You can read your owner’s manual to adjust the limit settings or have an expert quickly sort that out for you.

Off-Track Door

If your door will not slide properly, then it is off track. Examine the track for gaps, bends, or bumps. If you still hear squeaking noises that means your door may be misaligned to the track. To resolve this issue, loosen the screws that support that track and the frame.


Sometimes, your garage door fails to smoothly close and open because of the unseen materials stuck behind it, including pieces of trash, dirt, debris, and rocks. Wipe down the tracks to eliminate any unwanted objects or rubbish in your garage door.

These are some of the most common garage door issues homeowners experience. If you notice that these are happening more often, call an expert for a thorough check and regular maintenance.

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