Furry Lifeline: Threatening Diseases Among Cats and Dogs

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Pet Care in GeorgiaYour pet’s yearly vet checkup usually involves vaccines, blood samples, and preventive care practices. Just like human beings, the furry little creatures are also at risk of developing the most common but dangerous illnesses. Keep an eye out for the ailments, and know when you need at-home euthanasia provided by atlantapethospice.com when worse comes to worst.


Fluffy and huge pets might look adorable, but they are in danger of premature death, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. The common causes of pet obesity are slow metabolism or underlying diseases. Another common cause is when pet parents don’t exercise their dogs or cats and overfeed them.

Ask your vet about exercise and feeding guidelines for the pet’s proper diet. They will inform you if your cat just needs a five-minute run via a laser pointer before bed, or if you only need to replace dog treats with green beans.


Heartworm is an illness distributed by mosquitoes all over the 50 states. This is more common to dogs, but cats can still get them. If your vet identifies the infection early, they can treat your dogs. Unfortunately, there is no cure available for feline pals that get heartworm.

Dental Disease

Dogs and cats can develop cavities, tartar, and gum disease that would need expert dental cleaning. Bad oral health will cause your furry pals to acquire serious kidney and heart conditions. According to dogtime.com, brushing your pet’s teeth daily will avoid costly dental procedures in the future.


This type of virus is dangerously common in most states, as a lot of owners do not vaccinate their pets. This is specifically seen in kittens and puppies who aren’t vaccinated. The survival rate will rely on how soon the owner discovers the symptoms, how soon the pet is brought to the vet, and how strong their immune system is. The good news is that those pets who were treated did not get long-term negative effects.

Your pets provide you warmth on cold nights, and attention when you feel down. The least you can do is take care of them properly.

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