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Fun and Fundraising: Ideas for Your Charity Event

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Holi ColorFundraising events are fun and fulfilling to organize. The challenge, however, is how you’re going to invite as many people as possible to participate. The success of these events depend on reaching a specific target, so you need to think of ways to make people join and be encouraged to help your cause. Here are some of the ideas you can try:

Color-coded Fun Run

Fun runs are a trend recently because more people are looking for ways to stay healthy, while helping people in need. Instead of doing the usual charity run, why not add something exciting. Holi color powder isn’t only good for festivals; you can use it for different outdoor celebrations and events. For instance, you can throw a different color for every kilometer or check point your participants reach.

Game or Sports Tournaments

Depending on what sport or game is popular in your area, you can invite people to join for a specific fee. A percentage of that will go to the items they’ll use like T-shirts, while the rest goes to charity. Instead of the usual games, why not be specific with the participants. For instance, you can pair them with people who are their exact opposites or people they only met during the day of the event.

Raffle Prizes with a Twist

Ask your community if anybody is willing to donate prizes like gift certificates, travel packages, and appliances. When you’ve finalized the list, announce the raffle on your local newspaper, social media, or any other platform that will reach your target participants better. Sell tickets at the most convenient locations, but include a twist. For example, the ticket may have another half and if the participants were able to find their pair within the venue at a specific time, then they can take home double the prize.

These are only some of the unique ideas you can try for your fundraising event. Remember that you’re doing this for a good cause, so make sure that your participants will have fun.

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