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From Zero to Genius: How to Help Your Child Become Better at Math

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It may not seem like it, but learning mathematics in school will be useful in your daily life.

Numbers are all around you. From the money you spend to the distance you travel and the sports you watch, everything is governed by the laws of mathematics.

So, encouraging children to learn mathematics is necessary for them to function and survive in the real world. It will not just help them become mechanical design engineers or theoretical astrophysicists in the future, it will also turn them into capable and smart adults.

How do you help your child perform better in class?

Understand That Mathematics Skills Do Not Come Naturally

When people struggle to understand and solve mathematical problems, they often give up and think that they just do not have the skills for it. However, math, like any other skill, is gained through time, patience, and practice.

If your child is having trouble, try not to lose your temper. No one becomes a master overnight. It would take a while before your child can confidently approach numbers.

Right now, all you can do is practice. Give your child problems that they have to do outside of class. You can use real-life examples so your child can pay better attention and can understand concepts better.

You can start with simple and easy problems. Gradually, you can move on to finding solutions to more complex questions.

Use Additional Resources Online

Children nowadays are lucky to have access to resources that previous generations did not enjoy. The internet is chock-full of websites, apps, and other content that will help children — or adults — learn math.

There are numerous videos and channels on YouTube that make math easy to understand for any kind of learner. There are also games that you can download on your smartphone or tablet that makes solving math problems fun. In addition, there are websites that will quiz you to prepare you for an upcoming exam in school.

Use the Calculator

Even NASA’s scientists and engineers use computers and calculators whenever they have to solve math problems. So, why should you stop your child from using one?

A child, who using their finger to add or subtract should not be shamed. It will only discourage them from learning math. The same freedom should be allowed to middle school, high school, and college students.

Allow Mistakes

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Mistakes are essential to learning. Every time your child makes a mistake, be it in math or in life, they gain something that allows them to understand the situation at hand and make better decisions in the future.

So, if your child does not do well on an exam, do not be angry. Sit down with them and go over the problems that they got wrong. Point out where they made a mistake and explain why.

Encourage them to keep learning and trying over and over again. Eventually, they will figure out and master the underlying concepts and come home with from school with top marks.

Math is not as difficult as a lot of people think, but it requires patience and practice. No one is born a math genius. Even the best mathematicians out there had to spend their time studying.

If your child is not good at math now, making an effort to improve will turn them into a numbers person.

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