Four Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Who Love to Cook

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Cute gift boxes on pink backgroundFriends and family who love to entertain are heaven-sent. They save us the trouble of calling for reservations, and they know our tastes well. Thanks to them, it is less stressful to plan for gatherings and other events.

In gratitude for the delicious food they make, they deserve the best luxury gifts from us. Here are four gift ideas for your favourite culinary genius.


Luxury cookbooks come in various designs, with leather covers, gold embossing, and domed resin labels. Whether your gift recipient is an amateur cooking aficionado or a professional chef, they will appreciate a high-end cookbook to add to their collection. Cookbooks provide inspiration for new recipes, and they can function as coffee table books.

Gourmet gift baskets

Pre-made baskets are available in stores, but you also have the option to prepare the baskets yourself. When you make a personalised gift basket, you can choose the food items your recipient would appreciate the most. Popular food and drink items include jars of honey and fruit preserves, assortments of cheese, artisanal cooking oil gift sets, and wine. It’s always a good idea to check each item individually; items which are perfectly packaged make the basket feel all the more special.

High-end cookware

This is perhaps the most practical option, especially if you know what your recipient's kitchen needs. If they like to cook savoury food, they may benefit from fry pan and steel grill cookware sets. Pastry lovers will enjoy crepe pans, baking moulds, and cake rings. 

Food and wine tours

If your recipient is always ready for the next adventure, food tours combine two of their passions. Food tours are great for holidays, and some even include classes. Those who go on food tours go beyond popular tourist destinations, as they get to explore the city’s hidden haunts. There are also wine tours for those who enjoy sampling vintages.

Cooking is not just about food. It is also about capturing moments and memories, and your recipient will love a gift that manages to do that.

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