For Patients with Dental Phobia: Two Dental Myths Debunked

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Patients with Dental PhobiaNo matter how capable or qualified a person, fear can still cause them to hesitate. This is the reason why many people delay visiting their local dental practice and getting treatment — dental phobia.

According to Jiva Dental, you can overcome your dental phobia in multiple ways, such as anti-anxiety medication, sedation treatment and even background music. These methods help you relax in the dental chair, but sometimes, all you need is a little reassurance that stories about the dentist are just that — stories.

Here are two debunked dental myths that can help soothe your nerves.

Myth: Painful Injections

Many people fear injections more than the actual dentist or the dental practice environment. If your treatment requires an injection into the gum, it doesn’t mean that you will experience excruciating pain. Painkillers and distraction techniques keep you from focusing on the pain. Additionally, technological advances in the field of dentistry are making way for painless injections, such as the wand.

Myth: No Control Over the Procedure

Some people refuse treatment because of the fear that they won’t have any control over what the dentist does to them. If this is what’s keeping you from your regular dental checkups, schedule an appointment with your dentist. They will be happy to explain in more detail how your treatment will go. Also, keep in mind that they are helping you decide on a treatment, not making the decision for you. You still have the final say over whether or not to proceed.

If you think that your dentist considers your dental phobia a waste of time, you are wrong. Whether you are slightly nervous or extremely anxious, they will offer support, encouragement, and treatment options to ease your mind.

So, don’t let fear make you put off your dental treatment. Avoiding the problem will only make it worse and, in turn, require more complicated procedures in the long run.

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