For Aspiring Bull Riders: Basic Facts About Bull Riding

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Bull RidingSome people engage in sports for health reasons; others do it for relaxation and fun. If you’re the competitive type, one sport that suits your personality is bull riding. But unlike other sports where you compete with humans, in this sport, you compete with a feisty animal – a bull. For that, you need to equip yourself with various protective gears; a padded vest and a bull riding helmet, for example.

Below are some facts you should know about bull riding:

  • Bull rider training

Riders do crossfit. It is a fitness program to enhance a person’s competency in all physical challenges that require complete physical prowess.

  • Protective gears worn

A professional rider needs to wear a padded vest to protect his ribs in case he falls and the bull steps on him. Some riders wear a face mask and a helmet; others prefer a cowboy hat. To anchor his feet, a rider wears spurs; to side sweep a blow, he wears leather chaps and a glove on his hand. Furthermore, riders should have bull ropes with adjustable knots, a handle, and a bell to encourage bucking.

  • Injuries sustained by riders

The common injuries of bull riders include broken bones, concussions, cuts, and the worst – paralysis from the shoulders down. To protect the riders, those suspected to have concussions have to undergo tests before they can get back to action.

  •  Score

Two judges check the bull’s condition; another two will score the rider and the bull – how the rider rides the bull and how the bull bucks. A rider earns extra points if he can control the bull’s movement. The tougher the bull, the higher the score. In case of a low score, the judges may offer a re-ride but points earned earlier will be forfeited.

  • Required age

A kid as young as five years old can start training for body conditioning and to build core strength. It pays to start training early.

Bull riding is a dangerous sport; but riders, being competitive, don’t allow fear to stop them from pursuing their goal. As a responsible bull rider, make sure to wear the necessary protective gears while in action.

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