Foolproof Termite Solutions to Get Rid of Pests Once and For All

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Termite Infestation A queen termite may outlive a worker termite by a few decades, and as long as she thrives, you will have a pest problem. Termite damage to drywall can be extensive, especially if you are unaware of their presence. These unwelcome guests cost families millions of dollars of property damage annually. Since every home is at risk, what must you do to protect your property?

Act at the first sign of infestation

Mud tunnels and winged insects — these are telltale signs of termite infestation. The insects are already established when you see these signs. Therefore, it is not a smart move to forgo the call to a pest control company. You may even have more than one colony infesting the walls, floor, and ceiling. Remember, there is no surely your home is not yet infested if you do not see obvious signs of the insects in the property.

How termites infiltrate your home

There are different species of termites, and they each have their habits, but they are all attracted to cellulose and other wood products. Even if your home is concrete, worker termites can pass through cracks measuring 1/32nd of an inch, and make way to wooden bedposts and attic furniture. If you are surrounded by a woody area, or have a yard with a dead tree stump, then there is a risk for infiltration.

Termite control to protect property

One of the advantages of hiring professionals to assess termite activity is the recommendations they can give you about termite management. Consider yourself lucky if the infestation is still at the early stages. You can still implement measures to reduce the risk of termite infestation for the long term. An effective prevention program is your best bet for long-term protection. Termite control entails implementation of interception systems, with regular monitoring. Professionals can help you remove termites from the property, and prevent future infestation.

Termites are pests that cost millions of dollars of damage every year. Learn from professionals and allow them to teach you how to protect your property.

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