Find Those Keys: Crucial Suggestions to Counter Senior Moments

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Keys in DenverOne of the biggest hardships of seniors is the retention of details due to memory issues. Imagine the frustration of "losing" one's keys simply because you forgot where you've left it. If you happen to relate to these senior problems, keep reading for a few helpful hints.

Invest in Search Gadgets – If you're a bit tech-savvy, most mobile smartphones and tablets can download apps that utilize GPS or Bluetooth to search for your missing keys. However, you would also need to purchase a locator fob or key chain which will be programmed into your smartphone. If you're unsure how to do this, ask the assistance of store attendant or a more techie friend or relative to help you with the installations of both fob and program.

Keep to a Routine – For the more traditional thinkers, assign specific areas in the house where you would place your keys in. However, avoid too obvious places to minimize the possibility of burglaries. For example, don't put your house keys too near the door, but install a set of key hooks further on in the hallway instead. Choose a specific pocket in your bag or purse for your keys and always remember to use it. Also, keep your preferred Denver locksmith's information handy for swift assistance in case of emergencies.

Remember What You're Looking For – You start looking for an item and midway through the search and you forget what it was you were originally trying to find. If this is constantly happening to you, a simple solution is to keep saying what the item is over and over again until it's found. If you find this too odd, write what it is you're looking for on your palm or a sheet of paper to remind you while you search.

Who said that you can't teach old dog new tricks? Besides, memory lapses can waste precious time and effort, which are both quite limited for seniors. Good thing, you can use not just one, but all the pointers above to minimize your search time and inconvenience.

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