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Fewer Injuries: A Sharp Knife is Safer

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Knife SharpenerMost kitchen-related incidents and injuries involve knives, particularly dull ones. If you’re using a blunt blade, it is more likely that you need to work harder or exert more force when slicing certain ingredients. It increases the number of cuts or slices required where one or two would suffice.

The truth is keeping your knives sharp leads to fewer injuries. This is because razor-sharp blades work better, requiring only fewer cuts, which then translates to decreased chances of cutting yourself. With more cuts, however, the risk of injuries also increases. Furthermore, a sharp tool makes a clean and precise cut with fewer chances of slippage than a dull knife.

More Control and Predictability

Another thing that makes a sharp knife safer is its predictability. Total Knife Care and other knife sharpener stores note that it cuts easily and allows you to control how the blades go through the food. Chefs adore sharp blades, mainly because it gives them control over slicing or chopping. A blunt knife, meanwhile, is more difficult to control, with higher chances of slipping through the food and cutting your fingers. When you use a dull tool, it is only a matter of time until you cut yourself.

Less Force and Less Damage

Meal preparation is also easier and much more enjoyable with a razor-sharp blade. As this require less brute force, there will be less damage to food. Delicate ingredients and herbs sliced using a sharp knife will also taste better and look fresher longer. With a dull tool, however, the cells surrounding the food are crushed more, which then speeds discolouration and wilting.

It is Easy to Restore Dull Knives

The good news is it is quick and easy to sharpen your cutting tools. Knife sharpeners are now available, with a few guidelines on how to restore a dull blade. Learning how to sharpen is also an investment since it would allow you to use your knives much longer and reduce the need of buying new ones.

Keep meal preparation safer with sharp knives. It is also important to remember to cut away from the body and keep the knife’s handle (as well as your hands) dry.

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