Fear No More: Dental Sedation Options

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Dental Sedation in Orange CountySome people are willing to bear the pain of a toothache to avoid the dentist. If you’re one of them, you no longer need to worry, as medications can make your visit more comfortable. They can be used alone or in combination to reduce pain in dental procedures.

The right type of medication will depend on your overall health, type of procedure, allergies, and level of anxiety. You can discuss these things with your dentists to decide on the most appropriate drug.

  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) – This is a common form of dental sedation, which involved a gas inhaled by the patient. This relaxes you while sitting in the dentist’s chair. Nitrous oxide is the only form of sedation that can allow you to eat within a 12-hour period of the treatment.
  • Topical Anesthetics – This is applied on the surface of the mouth to relieve pain. The dentist can also use this to numb an area in the gums or mouth and prepare it for administering an injectable anesthetic. The latter is for severe dental pain.
  • General Anesthesia – This involves putting the patient to sleep throughout the procedure. Kurt Schneider, DDS and other Orange County dentists note that this is only applicable if you require an extensive dental work or if other forms of sedation are not enough to control dental fear.
  • Intravenous Sedation – This uses a sedative injected into a vein in the hand or arms. Like general anesthesia, this is only for those who require extensive procedure. This may be right for you if you are extremely anxious about the treatment.
  • Laser – Some dentists and offices are now offering lasers in removing tooth decay. These can also help prepare the tooth for filling. This may cause less pain, which will reduce the need for other types of anesthesia.

Know more about sedation options with your dentist. You also need to tell your dentist about the existing health conditions you have, as well as the medications you are taking. This is to determine which approach can work best for your situation.

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