Factors Involved in Choosing a Paint Colour

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Couple Painting the Wall of their House

Paint comes in two major categories: oil and latex based. Latex is more preferred due to its various advantages. However, both paint types are available in multiple sheens. This gives you many options when choosing the best colour for your property.

Your choice of paint colour should depend on the following factors:

Subtle, Cool or Soothing Look

For some people, home is where the heart is, and they want nothing but a calm, serene, quiet and restful feeling. Luckily, the art of painting can achieve all of this for you. You only need to get the right colours and hire the best residential and commercial painters in Wellington to do the job for you.


If you want a state-of-the-art elegance and flexibility in your room, then neutral colours should be your number one choice. Neutral paint colours are no longer limited to beige, white and grey. As such, you may incorporate different shades of neutral colours, such as almond walls with toned red or brown on the trim. With neutrals, you may likewise add colourful throw pillows and flower vases, which serve to offset the neutral colours in a room.

Achieving a Vibrant Look

If you are looking to achieve pizazz in your room, choose bright and vibrant colours, and then combine them with their respective shades. The best colours to achieve this look are gold, red, orange and dark purple. You can combine or pair these colours up to achieve a visible contrast and create an oriental look. Choose colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel for precise visual contrast, which will give your room a vibrant look.

You do not have to spend a fortune on interior design. With a little imagination and variety, you can make your house a better place. Do not forget to enlist the help of professional painters to get the best results.

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