Encouraging Your Community to Recycle Household Waste and Keep the Environment Clean

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Recycle Household Waste in SingaporeImplementing a recycling program not only provides environmental benefits, but can also help local community businesses thrive. This extends to several economic benefits that your community can experience.

As an example, Wong Fong Engineering noted that you could rent an arm roll truck from a local rental service. Put the truck in a common community area where people can easily see them. This way, they can take the initiative of bringing over their recyclables.

While studies show that Australia recycles 51% of household waste (higher than most EU countries), there are still ways on how to improve this number. If your community is not turning up a high recycling rate, these suggestions can be useful:

Encourage e-Waste Schemes

In Australia alone, e-waste is steadily increasing every year. These include used batteries, TVs, mobile phones, computers, laptops, and other mobile devices. 

You can encourage an e-waste scheme in your community by providing a drop-off storage area where people can leave their electronic waste. You can bring items to a recycling facility, or have them picked up by manufacturers. Recycling facilities may charge a rate, but manufacturers can dispose of their used products for free.

Use Larger Recycling Containers

Large recycling containers can increase your capacity to recycle more items. Encourage others to do the same. You can also put large recycling containers in public areas where people often go to — sidewalks, parks, and bus stops.

A roll on/off truck is ideal for collecting containers because of its detachable body. You can easily load recycling containers inside. Many waste operators and heavy material handling businesses prefer this kind of truck.

Recycling can reduce costs for collecting solid waste, transporting it to a landfill or a disposal facility. It can also create jobs and generate profits from selling recyclable materials. See for yourself what it can do.

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