En Route to Digging the Nature Smart in You: How You Can Cultivate It

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NatureWhen you were in school, you probably felt you’re a little different from your peers. Unlike the majority, you often find yourself interested in animals or other natural phenomena. And until now, you keenly observe and take great delight looking at trees, plants, flowers, clouds, sunsets and the colours in the prism of each new rainbow. You always appreciate the beauty of nature and relate to your surroundings. These are possible manifestations of being “Nature Smart”. Tagged as the 8th among the multiple intelligences introduced by the famous Howard Gardner, yours may be a case of naturalistic intelligence. Review and put a check on the following checklist below. This activity aims to verify if you have this intelligence.

How Nature Smart Are You

____ You like to take nature walks, go camping, or work in the garden,
____ You like to learn best when it’s about nature like weather, animals, habitats,
____ You like to work with animals and can classify different types of plants, flowers, trees, and animals.
____ You enjoy gardening.
____ You love scenic places.
____ You feel alive when in contact with nature.
____ You don’t mind getting your hands dirty.
____ You don’t get tired appreciating the nature reserves of Essex.
____ You enjoy hearing sounds made by nature.
____ You appreciate patterns in nature.

If you have checked all of these, then you’re “Nature Smart”. Also, take if any of your kids or loved ones exhibits these characteristics.

How to Drive the Gift

How are you going to cultivate that gift of intelligence? Find a career that matches your passion. You can join the roster of landscapers, agriculturists and archaeologists, among others. Also engage in hobbies aligned with it. Start with your own garden. suggests design your own landscape garden and then ask a professional help to implement it.

If you can, work with a family member who is also as nature smart as you. It can be an engaging activity to share with.

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