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Eco-friendly Businesses: Innovation That Cares

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re most likely aware of advocacies on saving and preserving the environment. A lot of American cities have started banning single-use plastic bags, straws, and utensils. Many corporations, as well as small companies, are also following this relevant trend, realising that making seemingly insignificant changes can be extremely beneficial for the planet.

If you’re planning on starting a business, now is the time to be one that cares not only for consumers but also for nature. In this guide, we’ll discuss eco-friendly business ideas and the key points of an eco-friendly enterprise.

What is it about?

Sometimes called a green business, eco-friendly businesses are those that show commitment to supporting an environmentally sustainable future. They make substantial effort to create a positive impact on the environment and the community by incorporating nature-friendly practices in its operations.

Now, you may be sceptical about this concept since most advocate organisations are non-profit. Although the income is not the only key consideration in starting a business, it’s a highly important factor, especially to those who aim for immediate turnover.

Starting an Eco-friendly Business

Did you know that small eco-friendly businesses may generate more profit than their regular counterparts? Yes, aside from the amazing idea of making the world a better place, green businesses are tailored to cater to the needs of a rapidly growing market, raking in profits in the process.

Statistics provided by showed that millennials and the younger generation are more inclined to purchase goods and services that are environmental-friendly due to the steadily surging trend of nature advocacies in social media and various online platforms. Thus, opportunities to grow market share and build loyalty among consumers now and in the future are abundant for businesses that are environmentally conscious.

Here are ideas you may want to consider for your eco-friendly business:

Content, Media, and Publishing

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  • Environmental-focused blogs: Create and publish content about anything environment-related. When you build a following that is strong enough, you can secure advertising pay-outs while educating the public. If writing is not your forte, you can jump into video-blogging instead and monetise your videos.
  • Advertise for green businesses: With the sudden increase of environment-friendly businesses, there’s a growing need to outsource services to communicate what they’re doing to a larger audience. In line with that, if you have the creativity to construct catchy ads, why not start an advertising agency? You can create digital ads for online platforms or visually appealing print ads. Simply make sure that you are using eco-friendly equipment such as an eco-solvent printing machine and biodegradable paper.

Selling and Trade

  • Garden and plant-focused business: A good way to advocate planting is starting a small business that sources and delivers planting materials to customers.
  • Open a bookstore: This will be a hit for bookworms and book lovers. You can sell old, unwanted books for a lower price tag. This enables you to reduce waste while earning profits.
  • Sell bicycles and scooters: Carbon emissions from cars and other vehicles are a major contributor to climate change. To reduce these, you can encourage more people to ride bicycles or scooters.
  • Go online and sell hand-sewn clothing: The online world offers a variety of good selling platforms for business startups. You can create a page for your own brand and sell handmade clothing.

The industrialisation of the world exposed the environment to many harmful manufacturing materials and processes. However, you can make a mark and advocate change by running a business that strives for the betterment of nature.

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