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Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Enjoy the Outdoors

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Kids these days are spending less time outdoors, and this doesn’t just mark an interesting comparison between modern habits and those of previous generations. Studies show that today’s youth spends only up to seven minutes for unstructured outdoor activity on average, as compared to their average time exposed to screens and spent with electronic activities, which hits the ranges of seven hours. That spells a worrisome outlook on the state of today’s kids’ health and social development, all because their interests are peaked by the digital world more.

Thankfully, there are still fun activities you can do to encourage your kids to play outside. Here are some examples:


  • Fishing

One of the top outdoor activities in the United States is fishing, and this covers all, from fly fishing to saltwater and freshwater fishing. While running and jogging were the top activities for adults, fishing took the spot for families and different age groups. That’s because it’s an engaging way to bask in nature and have something immediately gratifying for your efforts.

A lot of fishing boats for sale in Michigan are on the market for those who want to make this a pastime that they can engage in on their own. It’s a great way to have your kids involved in the outdoors and can teach them skills that they can hone while bonding with you. It’s also more interactive than running and can even teach them valuable lessons with working on getting their food and the like. A ton of spots throughout the country are great to try this out and can even start a sustainable hobby for them.

  • Camping

This can even go hand-in-hand with the previous activity and can encourage survival instincts to be developed while making room for other physical activities, like hiking. This is often a great option for piquing the interest of kids of the wonders that are out there, waiting in mountains and woodsy areas. Of course, supervision would be required to ensure safety, but this is a great option for parents who want to find ways that can bring their children outside and disconnect them from technology and the online world.

This can be an opportunity to get them to learn skills hands-on and explore the different wonders that nature has to offer, including wildlife, plants, and dealing with the weather.

  • Outdoor sports

There’s nothing quite like a game to gain the interest of a child. You can do this by letting your child join in group sports to build up their teamwork and social skills, or you can start at home by engaging in these activities with them. By being a part of it, you can help your kids feel more motivated as they emulate your actions and feel more comfortable trying to learn and improve in their respective sport, as you guide and support them in this fun activity.

Starting healthy habits while your child is young is crucial for them to maintain these attitudes and leanings as they grow up and take on their individual preferences. This way, you can ensure that they are equipped in the best way possible and can appreciate the outside and how it can contribute to their overall health and well-being.

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