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Double the Planning, Double the Corporate Party Fun

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Corporate FunctionYour next company function is coming in a few months, and your boss assigned you to make it look great. With your budget and their high expectations, you worry about how to make both ends meet. Depending on the event and the venue, here are some ideas you might like to do on your next company function:

Social Events

Some companies have their own little social events for employees. This is a great way for employees to be more familiar with each other and know more about how the business runs. As a coordinator of such events, avoid the usual company function themes. Organise an event where people can show their talents and foster camaraderie with others.

Company Annuals

When it comes to company anniversaries, Laruche suggests keeping things intimate for the first few hours. Prepare the function room with streamers that show your company’s logo or colours. Hire catering services for the food, so you will have one less thing to worry about during the event planning. Suggest an annual gift-giving programme from the CEO to some of the outstanding employees of the company.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are a great way to stay in touch with the season’s festivities, whether it is Halloween or Christmas. The key is to make the event as festive and pleasant for your people to get them into the holiday party mood. If you can convince your bosses, request for less work during the day. Come evening, employees will have more energy to enjoy the event.

Company parties are a great opportunity to encourage employees and managers to get to know each other and create goodwill. Bring out your creativity and resourcefulness to surprise everyone in your company with a fun event.

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