Different Approaches to Maintaining an Aging Brain

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Senior woman and her grandson reading a book togetherThe mind is still a scientific puzzle, which is why studies that focus on the human brain are ongoing as scientists try to unravel its mysteries. One thing is for sure, though, – the aging brain deteriorates more when you don’t take care of it.

Besides getting professional adult care in Lehi, help your aging parents keep their brain healthy to lower the chances of getting memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Here are easy approaches you can use to challenge their brain and maintain its strength.

  • Ask them to read more.

This hobby will benefit their memory and brain in so many ways that watching television won’t. A study even discovered that reading books can cause a 50 percent reduction in developing dementia. If it’s difficult for them to read for a long time, have them open a book for at least 30 minutes daily. Otherwise, they can choose shorter stories to read or divide the reading time throughout the day.

  • Watch their diet.

Scientists revealed that the brain requires the proper balance of nutrients to work properly. Plenty of studies already proved that high cholesterol and fat intake increases the chances for Alzheimer’s. Have them refrain from consuming fried foods and ensure that their diet includes nuts, fish, lean proteins, dark fruits, and vegetables.

  • Exercise with them daily.

It’s not a secret that exercise keeps the body healthy, but it’s also great for the brain. According to a research conducted by the University of Arizona, aerobic exercise can help fight the effects of an aging brain. Physical exercise assists in the flow of blood to the brain and can lower the possibilities of a stroke, diabetes, and heart attack, besides dementia and Alzheimer’s. Do yoga with them, bond on some yard work, or walk with them for 30 minutes daily.

The secret to keeping your parent’s brain healthy is engagement. Through mental and physical activity, their brains will keep busy. Have them develop good habits to reduce the chances of disease and keep their mind sharp as they age.

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