Denver Real Estate: Why Now Is the Best Time to Move to the Mile-High City

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Denver Real EstateIf you’re considering moving to the Colorado’s capital, stop mulling over and start packing your bag. The city’s growth isn’t just fast; it’s nearly meteoric. To paint you a picture, Denver moving companies and construction firms work about 25 hours in 24-hour days to accommodate the influx of people coming in.

Gone are the days that the Mile-High City was just a desirable location to play. The newfound love of Americans to Denver and its sturdy economy have made it a perfect place to live, work, and raise a family.

From a real estate standpoint, here are some reasons calling Denver your next home makes absolute sense:

Soaring House Prices

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, the Denver metro is today’s hottest real estate market in America. Actually, scorching seems to be a more apt adjective than hot with its 11.7% increase in home prices last year.

Supply and demand, change in demographics, and rise in number of jobs have been the catalysts for Denver’s resurgence. The metro has more buyers than properties for sale, and become younger with immigration of a more youthful workforce. As Light Speed Delivery, Inc. notes, this has paved the way for the economy to thrive.

No Foreseen Changes in the Future

Although experts predict it would cool down a little bit this year, the outlook is still bright at 7.7% in 2016. As long as the supply doesn’t outpace demand (which is highly unlikely for the years to come), this would be the status quo for a long time.

More Value for Your Money

Whether you plan to build a new house, buy an existing one, or purchase a condo, your dollars couldn’t be safer in Denver. Even if you don’t see yourself living in this city in the next decade, putting your money in the this real estate market means nothing but gains.

Denver is the city of tomorrow. Its consistent strong performance nationwide isn’t a fluke, but rather an indication that tremendous growth and development is here to stay.

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