Dentists Share: 4 Mortifying Cases They’ve Encountered at Work

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Invisalign in Much HadhamYou might remember a time in your life — and perhaps that period of your life is still ongoing — where you dreaded going to the dentist. Have you ever thought, however, that some days it was just as dreadful for dentists to come to work?

Orthodontic centres like MiSmile can straighten teeth out with Invisalign, no sweat. Some dental professionals, however, are not so lucky. From badly neglected teeth to jaws that break in half, dentists and dental professionals share some of the most surprising things they have ever seen inside their patients’ mouths.

Tomato Sprouts

One dentist was in the middle of performing a root canal when amongst the tartar and plaque, he discovered a small seed and something that looked like a minuscule plant sprouting out of it. A few questions later, he realised that it was a tomato seed that was already sprouting into a tiny plant.

Tiny Wriggly Things

It is unusual for people to get excited over dental visits. This little boy, however, seemed ecstatic to have his first dentist trip. According to the boy’s parents, they noticed that he often rubbed one side of his mouth using his hands. When the dentist examined the inside of his mouth, he noticed severely swollen gums. The cause of swelling? Maggots.

Bugs and Ants

A dental assistant shares that once, while helping a dentist with a filling, she saw an ant in the mouth of the patient. Realising that the patient’s beard was full of bugs, she and the dentist still tried to play it cool.

Half a Jaw

During a routine extraction, a dentist was mortified when her patient’s jaw suddenly snapped in half. The patient had to have her mouth sewn shut for a couple of days following the incident.

Your dentist might not always be your favourite person to see, but they restore your chipped teeth, straighten your unruly chompers and do a slew of other dental work that benefits your oral health, all so you can have a confident, award-winning smile. So, the next time you visit your dentist, do them a favour — remember to brush, floss, and gargle regularly.

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