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Dental Implants: Tooth Replacements that Still Need Maintenance?

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dental implants in Salt Lake CItyAdult humans have 32 permanent teeth that have numerous functions in speaking, eating and stabilizing the oral cavity. Because teeth are always used in biting, chewing, and grinding food, they become accustomed to the wear-and-tear conditions in the mouth.

As a person ages, however, the teeth become more exposed to physical factors that slowly weaken them. The roots that stabilize the enamel, or the exposed bony portion of the teeth, can’t hold them together. Here enter dental implants created to replace weakened tooth roots.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are substitutes for tooth roots to stabilize the structures inside the mouth. These replacements are placed in the jaw to enable normal functions in eating and speaking. Oral surgeons in Salt Lake City say dental implants require a six-week recovery time.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants effectively replace teeth roots to restore the normal functions of teeth. It’s easier to eat because you can chew food without worrying that your teeth will slip. With the root strongly attached to the bone, chew any food you want.

Using a dental implant is also beneficial in maintaining oral health. There is no need to alter the normal configuration of teeth structures because healthy teeth will not be damaged in any way. In other words, you only need implants on selected teeth that require root replacement.

An improved oral health will lead to a better overall appearance. This subsequently results in enhanced confidence and self-esteem because you no longer have to suppress your smile. Confidently communicate with others without the fear that people would notice your teeth problem.

The use of dental implants has become one of the most effective tooth root replacement methods in clinics today. Smile and speak with confidence after talking to your dentist about this.

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