Bedroom with grey walls

Decorating a Bedroom with Grey Walls

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Decorating your own home comes with its own challenges. You have to pick a colour that won’t bore you the next day and select the right décor to complement the theme and look of the home. If you have decided to go with grey walls in your bedroom, you may be impressed with the appearance, but the main challenge comes with decorating the room. Thus, how do you decorate a bedroom with grey walls?

When looking for some inspiration for decorating a grey room, a good place to start would be e-commerce stores that sell bedroom furniture online. In the UK, many of these stores exist, and each of them has photos of furniture against different backgrounds. A look at these images can get your creative juices flowing. Here are other tips to help you create a beautiful space where you would love to relax and sleep.

Add Colour

Splashes of colour against a grey backdrop create an amazing and lovely view. Get colourful bedsheets or cushions on your bed. When choosing bold colours, ensure that they don’t clash or create an eyesore. Simply select something that will be in harmony with grey walls. Another way to add colour to your room is by adding bright wall paintings. Find abstract paintings or anything that plays around with colour in a good way to create a soothing and calming effect.

Use Different Shades

Different shades of grey can create a beautiful and relaxing feeling in your bedroom. Paint the wall against the headboard a different shade compared to other walls. You can also create different shades by using several shades of grey in your bedding. If your walls are pale grey, use a darker shade for bedding and pillows. You complete the look by throwing in a white sheet to create a contrast between the grey pillows and bedding.

Choose the Right Furniture

Choosing the right bed

Grey walls create a medium tone that can go well with different furniture colours, especially grey, black, and dark brown. The main idea is to create a balance. You shouldn’t have some areas of the room that are much darker than others. This look can be accomplished by using the right furniture in the right places. For example, you can use white furniture next to walls that have a darker shade of grey and dark furniture where there is a lighter shade of grey.

To bring about creativity in your bedroom, go for colours that create a stark contrast that can be echoed across the room. Make use of furniture, rugs, and bedding to break up repetitive colour schemes and keep the room from appearing dark. When it comes to choosing a centrepiece, always go for one that’s colourful.

Grey is fast becoming a popular colour in modern homes. If you have chosen this colour for your bedroom, there are several bedding, furniture, and décor combinations that you can’t go wrong with. Just make sure that the tones you choose work in harmony with each other to create a room where you will enjoy sleeping and relaxing.

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