HVAC Contractor in Salt Lake City

Critical Credentials to Check when Hiring an HVAC Contractor

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HVAC Contractor in Salt Lake CityWhenever you need to call in the services of a heating and cooling company in Salt Lake City, you should always take time to do some investigating to verify a number of must-have credentials. You need to do this for system installation planning, routine maintenance, tune up services or repairs.

Action Plumbing says it’s always best to get a professional for the installation and repair of your HVAC system.

To ensure you get the best services possible, hire only an HVAC contractor with the following credentials:


Licensed HVAC contractors possess a trade-specific (HVAC) license, proof that they are in compliance with the local (Salt Lake City) and state (Utah) laws. For them to obtain a license, they first need to undergo rigorous skill competency testing. They also need to show proof of insurance and bonding.

As you interview prospective contractors, verify the validity (date of expiry) of their license.


You want to work with a bonded heating and cooling contractor, just in case a situation arises, such as a dispute, and you would like to obtain financial reimbursement for contractor-caused property damage or subpar work.


Never undervalue the importance of insurance, especially when it comes to trade work. HVAC contractors are subjected to a number of dangers and hazards while working, seeing as they handle both mechanical and electrical components of your home. This means that they can get into an accident that may lead to injuries. In the event something like this happens, their insurance ensures that liabilities do not fall on you.

So ask your prospective contractor to show you his Certificate of Insurance, which will tell you the kind and amount of insurance coverage he has. Verify that the insurance is up to date, as well.

You should make sure your choice in a heating and cooling contractor has all these credentials, or you can end up with even more expenses on your hands.

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