Create a Killer Strategy: Rebranding Lessons from Big Brands

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RebrandingRebranding is the latest marketing trend, but it’s something you should not take lightly. Businesses of all sizes will come to this milestone at some point. For some, it happens early. For others, however, it will take a decade or more to discover who they really are.

There is so much more to rebranding than simply updating the website or changing a slogan. According to an article from Business Insider: “Rebranding a company’s goals, message, and culture is hard – many have tried and most fail. A successful campaign requires more than a revamped logo. It demands a vision that inspires customers, investors, and others to see the company in a new light”.

If you’re planning to revive your brand and make it stronger than ever, you have to arm yourself with the right information. The following lists down some of the most important things you can learn from the big brands.

CVS Pharmacy: Make a Bold Move

Pharmacies are where you buy vitamins, medications, or protein bars – sometimes even cigarettes. But, not in CVS Pharmacy. CVS was the first drugstore to stop selling tobacco products. The move was in line with the company’s commitment to health and quality care. When they decided to rebrand, they focused on making actions louder than their words. Instead of just talking about how their products and services can help consumers, they proved that they could stand for something. SEO companies in Minnesota note that sticking to your commitment and making a fresh yet bold move is what you can learn from CVS.

Burberry: Take a Creative Approach

It used to be that Burberry was a brand that appealed to gangs and thugs. Now, famous celebrities like Emma Watson and Kate Moss wear items from what has become one of the world’s most famous fashion brands. From clothing to fragrances and handbags, Burberry decided to rebrand without sacrificing the years of reputation and heritage they’ve built.

Old Spice: Be Consistent

What you can learn from Old Spice’s rebranding strategy is the smart use of social media and a clever ad. The company worked with NFL Player Isaiah Mustafa, who creatively promoted men’s deodorant as something seductive and alluring. Old Spice didn’t revamp its logo, but decided to change how consumers thought of the brand.

Rebranding, when done right, is a great strategy to stay relevant and fresh to today’s audiences.

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