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Cover Up and Dry: Home Repairs You Should Do After a Storm

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One of the worst things after a storm, tornado, or other calamity is the prospect of cleaning up your home and starting over again. Securing your family by fixing the house should be your top priority.

residential glass repair

Say you live in Portland and the unpredictable weather brought a storm that damaged your house; here are some repairs you need to do recover quickly.

Replace and Repair

Be sure all electricity is cut off before going back to your home. Check for any leaks in the sewage, water, and gas lines. Look for any structural damage and have these repaired or replaced immediately.

Cover Up

One of the first things you need to do is make sure that your house is sealed again. That is, you should replace any damaged doors, broken windows, and holes. Look for residential glass repairs in Portland for your windows and a reliable local carpenter to patch up damaged walls, doors, and other things.

Dry Up

Remove all standing water from the house, especially in the basement. Be sure to wear gloves, boots and other protective gear as the flood/rainwater and mud may be contaminated. It’s better to throw out severely damaged furniture. Use a dehumidifier and improve ventilation inside to dry out the house quicker.

Start your home cleanup by calling a local residential glass repair company in Portland, a plumber, a carpenter, and other professionals to ensure a quick and proper tidying.


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