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Colors Ideas for Your Outdoor Photo Shoot in Different Seasons

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Photographs are the best option for commemorating different events. While this only meant birthdays and weddings in the past, maternity and newborn photo shoots are now crucial as they chronicle the start of life. Even if you own the best camera phone, you should let a professional photographer handle your maternity and newborn photography. This, after all, is the only way you can be assured of the highest quality photos.

A niche Melbourne-based maternity, toddler, and newborn photographer is your best choice for your shoot since they will employ all measures to minimize the infections common in pregnancy and newborns. They will recommend having a color scheme for your photos for the best look. While the color scheme you choose can be your favorite, it is best to match it to the season. This is particularly vital if you will be having an outdoor shoot. The following are some tips for picking the perfect colors to match different seasons.


With the weather cooling, leaves changing and an anticipated trip to the pumpkin patch, fall is full of inspiration for photography colors. The best choices for photos during the fall are seasonal earth tones, burnt oranges, and rich maroons. The best color combinations for your shoot include denim and tan, cream, tan and navy, crimson, yellow and denim and maroon and brown. In the fall, ensure you layer your clothing so that you do not get sick and create texture in your image.


This marks the most popular time for family photos with everyone in one place for the holidays but does not forget to get a maternity and newborn shoot separately. The classic colors for winter photo shoots include greens, reds, and whites. You nonetheless can opt to step out of this tradition with white and glitter, crimson, denim and tan, gray, black and red or crimson and navy. Do not forget to accessorize your outfit or your child’s with some coats, beanies, and scarves.


This is the best time for outdoor photos owing to the beautiful pastel colors prominent in this season. The trendy choice is to include floral patterns’ in your clothing for the spring shoot to match the prominent colors in the landscape during this time. Blush and white, white, light blue and tan, yellow, navy and white and teal and lush are some of the best color combinations for photos in spring.


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This offers a perfect chance to capture the warm weather and beautiful landscapes. Take advantage of the weather to dress in pretty sheers, light cotton, denim and sandals for your maternity shoot and your little one in pretty lace dresses or shorts. Teal and orange, white and tan, green, yellow and blue and white, light blue and tan are among the ideal color combinations for shoots in the summer.

While indoor photography was the only choice for professional shoots in the past, outdoor shoots are the trendy ones nowadays. The above guidelines are designed to ensure you have a perfect image in your outdoor photo shoot. This way, you can display your maternity photos proudly and have the best images for your kid’s inception into the world.

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