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Clipped Gable Roofs: A Little Out of the Ordinary

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As a home renovator or prospective homeowner, it’s common to become observant of architecture, landscaping, and weather around your home. If you’re a resident or planning to reside in Long Island, NY, you may notice the gable roofs around the area. These roofs have two sloping sides with a gable at each end. In some cases, however, local roofing contractors and builders can turn these roofs into clipped gable roofs.

roofing contractors

Also known as “jerkinhead” roofs, clipped gable roofs are flattened versions of standard gable roofs. Instead of rising to a point, local roofing contractors clip the gable off to make them appear to be sloping downward. This distinctive feature adds visual intrigue to house exteriors, while reducing wind force on facades.

Clipped gable roofs are a common exterior characteristic of bungalow and craftsman houses. Craftsman houses can even feature board and batten shutters, weather vanes, and square-tapered columns, apart from the clipped gables. These provide them with an extra traditional and rustic appeal.

Clipped gable roofs provide homeowners practical function and pleasing appearance. They create a curb appeal for bungalow and craftsman homes. To learn more about this distinctive house exterior, talk to local homeowners with homes sporting these roofs or their contractors or homebuilders.

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