Caring for Your Tiled Roof: Proactive Maintenance is a Must

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RoofsTiled roofs are among the most popular roofing options in Perth because of the material’s outstanding qualities, including durability, longevity and aesthetic appeal. In fact, homeowners have been using these systems for many centuries.

Terracotta, concrete and clay are the most commonly installed tiled roofs. Among these, clay dominates the market because of its extreme durability.

Nonetheless, homeowners tend to forget the importance of proper and routine maintenance despite having quality roofing. What they do not know is they are slowly reducing the quality of their roof structure.

Why do you need to maintain a tiled roof even if it is durable?

The answer is simple. Like every other exterior component of your home, your tiled roof is exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Constant exposure to rain, wind, UV rays, heat and snow can wear away its protective layers, which may eventually damage the tiles. Without regular maintenance and roof tile repairs, Perth homeowners are sure to face problems that will cost them more.

What are the components of a tiled roof that need utmost attention?

Whilst the entire roof requires maintenance, some parts may require a bit more attention. The underlayment serving as the drainage plane of the roof is one of the parts you need to check regularly. Tears or punctures in the underlayment need immediate fixing; otherwise, water intrusion will soon develop and cause leaks inside your home. Problems with the flashing and gutters need prompt repairs, as well.

Are tiled roof maintenance and repairs easy to carry out on your won?

It is an easy job for professionals, but might be risky for the average homeowner. Moreover, roof repair contractors have trained eyes and hands to spot potential problems immediately. This is useful in preventing problems from becoming bigger.

It is easy to forget about maintaining your roof, especially if you are too busy to check it regularly. You need to be more proactive in maintaining this part of your home if you want to avoid costly repairs.

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