Car Buying Ideas for Non-Car Enthusiasts

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Car Buying in PenroseThere are many car enthusiasts around the world, but the non-car enthusiasts probably outnumber them. Car knowledge is useful, but it isn’t exactly for everyone.

For a car enthusiast, there are specific brands and specs that matter, and even when they already own a car, they might wish they could buy another. Auckland Motors know they think about modifications and accessories. Many of them know how to fix their car if it breaks down. They know which specific car parts Auckland shops sell.

Those who are less inclined do not care about stuff like car clubs, torque, spoilers, Brembo brakes, etc. They just want a car they can use to get from point A to point B, maybe something with an air-conditioner or heater and a stereo would be nice. If you’re one of these people, here are some pieces of advice on how to choose your car.

Go for longevity

As you don’t want to worry about your vehicle’s roadworthiness for miles and miles, choose one that is known for longevity. Subaru, Toyota and Honda are some of the brands that take longevity very seriously. They may not be the most exciting, but they are definitely trustworthy.

Think about fuel economy

Most people who aren’t looking to impress anyone with the sound of a Charger or the speed of a Countach will be happy to find that their ride is thrifty on fuel. It would be hard to beat a hybrid in that department. As it is both electric and gas-powered, you can get more kilometres for the litre, and you’ll still arrive at your destination on time. However, there are also small cars that run on diesel (Mini Cooper D) and some that are just misers on the gas (Honda Jazz).

Get one that’s easy to park

A smaller car is easier to park, especially in a crowded city. Think about a subcompact sedan or a hatch. Unless you have a large family, a hatch may have the space you need without taking up much space.

Buy a car that your mechanic knows

You don’t want to worry about buying spares or finding a mechanic specialising in your particular make and model, which happens to be one out of only a handful. Choose a regular, commonly available car that any mechanic can fix. It’s less problematic and it’s bound to be affordable.

Not everyone who owns a car is a car guy. But it takes a little bit of understanding of what you need before you start paying for a ride.

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