Camping for the Frustrated Artist: Practices in the Pandemic

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Artists used to say that all they needed was enough time indoors to create their life-changing masterpiece. The pandemic-induced quarantine has passed, and still, you feel no less stuck than you were before. If you’re at a point where you’re beginning to realize the importance of the great outdoors to your artistic soul, it’s time to resort to the only remedy available: camping.

Not only is this excursion budget-friendly, but it’s one of the few vacations you can take with significantly reduced risks of contracting the virus. Still, your ability to steer clear of contagion depends largely on the precautions you’ll take while camping.

camping adventure

Go Solo

Just because you can now go camping doesn’t mean you should invite your family and friends. According to National Public Radio (NPR), your fellow campers are some of the biggest factors that come into play when considering your risks. While the great outdoors makes it easier to commit to physical distancing, the varying temperature can still affect the length of time the virus remains suspended in the air.

If your only aim is to get inspiration, it might be best to go camping solo until a vaccine is available.

Go Big

However, if camping solo makes you nervous, consider all the precautions you can take when socializing with your fellow campers. Physical distancing is still a must, as well as face masks and sanitizing gels. Avoid sharing your equipment, particularly water containers.

First-time campers who are uncomfortable sleeping in their own tents benefit from looking up glamping safari tents for sale. Some designs will give you the space you need to maintain your proximity while making your trip as convenient as possible. After all, sitting inside a huge tent while munching on delicious food creates a better environment for ghost stories on a chilly night.

Go Prepared

Even going solo doesn’t make much difference if you’re constantly going to shops because you’re unprepared. Make a list of everything you’ll need before you venture to supermarkets and hardware stores to minimize additional trips outside. Read up on camping hacks and makeshift necessities in case you still end up forgetting something.

Even though you’re not in an enclosed space, it’s just as important to keep sanitizing equipment within reach. While entering campgrounds or interacting with other campers, chances of human error need to be counteracted with hand gels at once. You’ll also be glad for the wipes and—yes—disinfectant spray in case there’s a coughing fit anywhere near your camp. When you’re living in the middle of a pandemic, there’s no such thing as “too cautious.”

Go Remote

Everybody’s resorting to camping nowadays to fight the boredom of quarantining. This increases your risks, even if the campground you’re eyeing is only half full. The shared amenities alone could be contaminated, and it’s difficult to turn down a neighboring camper who asks to borrow your equipment.

During the pandemic, it’s safer to opt for something more remote, like dispersed camping. This means going for the national parkland or forest, which aren’t officially part of the campground. You’ll have to be more self-sufficient, but that’s easier to manage than catching the virus.

Enjoy Camping

The scenery, fresh air, and sounds of nature have their way of refreshing everyone, including stressed artists. Even if your art doesn’t echo anything of nature’s, you’ll still feel re-energized to come up with your masterpiece.

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