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Cake Decoration: Fondant Icing for Beginners

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icing decorationIf you liked playing with clay when you were young, then you’ll love using a fondant for your pastries. This creamy white sugar has dough-like consistency, which gives any pastry a smooth outer surface ideal for decorating. If you’re planning to bake a round cake, for instance, why not take on the challenge of using a fondant? Here’s a guide to help you get started:

Buying the Fondant

Fondants are available in three different types: rolled, sculpted, and poured. If you’re planning to cover the entire cake, then a ready-to-roll (RTR) rolled fondant is the ideal choice. Most shops offer this in white and ready-made coloured fondants. If you prefer gluten free fondants with zero grams trans-fat and cholesterol, you can find brands from cake decorating supply stores like The Sugar Box that offer them.

Rolling the Fondant

Make sure that your workstation is clean to prevent specks from mixing with the fondant. Place a piece of wax paper and dust its surface, including your hands and tools, with corn starch. Icing sugar and powdered confectioner’s sugar are also good alternatives.

Start kneading the fondant and use a rolling pin to flatten it up to 1/4 to 1/8 inches thick. If air bubbles are present, repeat the same procedure until the whole thing is smooth enough. Fondant tends to dry fast, so don’t be surprised to see cracks. Keep its texture by using vegetable shortening.

Applying the Fondant

Lift the fondant using both hands to prevent it from tearing. Place it above the cake and press the surface gently. Fondant dries out easily, so it’s better to roll out a big layer and then apply it without measuring. Cut the excess and store the pieces in a zip lock plastic bag, as you can use them again for decorating. Try different decorating techniques to give your cake some finishing touches.

Don’t be afraid to try new things for your pastries. Using fondant icing might seem complicated, but you’ll enjoy the decorations you can do with it.

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