Buying a Water Softener: Key Features to Consider

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a drop of water creating a rippleWater is an essential commodity. Most of the water found in the world, however, is hard water. This contains minerals and at times traces of industrial runoff and sewage. Hard water leaves your skin feeling rough and dry after a shower, your dishes cloudy and clothes stiff and uncomfortable to wear. It also deposits minerals in your appliances, which hasten their wear and tear.

That said, a water softener is hence an essential appliance in every commercial and residential establishment. Here are the key features you should consider when buying a water softener in Ogden.

Water softening technology

In downflow water softener systems, water enters from the top and flows through the resin. These systems require backwashing after each regeneration and might lead to substantial water wastage. The newer and typically more expensive upflow technology directs water flow upwards and significantly cuts down on water and salt wastage.

Tubing size

The size of your water softener’s tubing will determine the percentage of contaminants it can clear. Large tubing removes over 95% of the contaminants and minerals in your water compared to less than 90% in small circumference tubing. This gives you softer, safer and cleaner water. Most water softeners come with a warning system that tells you when your filters are filled with contaminants. This helps you know when it is time to clean them.

Holding capacity

Your water softener’s holding capacity is influenced primarily by the amount of water you use. A unit that is too large will lead to significant energy wastage while a small unit will not satisfy your needs. It is imperative to correctly estimate your daily water use before purchasing to get your water softener size right.

An eco-friendly water softener uses less energy to generate substantial amounts of soft water. These systems also have minimal greenhouse gases emission. This, therefore, serves to protect the ozone layer.

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