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Brisbane’s Lot Size Dilemma

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Narrow Lot HomeBrisbane residents wanting to own a home have more competitors in the form of Sydney residents. The Daily Mail reports Sydney investors are ‘buying blind’, believing that they will earn from the properties over time. And they may not be wrong.

With house prices considered steep, even the narrowest of lots can be considered godsend. Unless you have quite the nest egg, it’s wise to make use of that narrow lot and improve its value. This works whether you have plans to sell the property or live in it. Urban Homes shares more details below:

Comfort above everything else

The biggest hurdle homebuyers face is the lot’s size, of course. After all, how would a narrow lot fit a family of four or five? The secret is in the layout, shares housing experts. Small block house designs, just like modular homes, take whatever space is available and stretch its functionality. Multipurpose room designs are your best friend — if you choose to have rooms at all.

Dividing the space

A room, filled with the right furniture pieces, can serve several purposes. Your living room can double as a spare bedroom if you have a sofa bed in there. Your kitchen and dining room could go together if you ditch a full table for a breakfast nook in a corner.

A small block’s design can get rid of the walls altogether, separating living quarters using foldable dividers instead. This is ideal for families with children too young to have their own room anyway. It’s hitting two birds with one stone — you keep an eye on them, but you give them their own space not too far from you.

There’s also the time-tested approach of going up. A narrow lot can still support multiple storeys. Once the kids grow up, add a floor for their own quarters. The expense might be less than relocating to a bigger lot.

It’s not the size of the house or lot that matters. It’s how comfortable you are in your home.

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