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Best-Performing Types of Multichannel Marketing Pairings

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Customers are now more technologically connected than ever. The primary challenge for brands is cutting through the noise on various technological platforms to reach the right audience at an appropriate time. Multichannel marketing is the ideal answer in this case. This approach allows your marketing strategies to communicate with clients across several channels. The primary goal of multichannel marketing is to broaden your clients’ options and enable them to invest in your brand where and when they want to.

Social media and direct mail marketing are among the popular pairings for multichannel marketing. However, you need an expert’s input to guarantee that you pair marketing platforms that will work together to boost your revenue. The ideal choices will depend on the customers you are aiming to reach, your brand, and your budget.

The following are among the best-preforming multichannel marketing pairings today:

Ad Extensions and Adwords PPC

The use of AdWords PPC campaigns has been on a steady rise in recent years owing to the almost guaranteed returns on this platform. You can further stretch the capability of your PPC ads with ad extensions. The extensions will transform your basic PPC ad into a highly targeted one. There are different extensions, including geo-targeted, message, offer, price, review, and callout extensions.

Offer extensions, for instance, will give interested clients a chance to get coupons for discounts and special offers by clicking on the ad. These extensions, therefore, increase the clicks on your PPC ads.

Special Codes and Direct Mails

You might concentrate on online marketing and forget the impact of direct mails on your clients. This form of marketing considered effective by some companies, as it has some of the highest returns since it is very personalized. To increase the chances of a client opening the mail and reading your message, include special codes. These codes can be used by the recipient to get discounts on online offers. This, in turn, boosts your online traffic and sales.

Television Hashtags

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Television broadcasting is now incorporating social media marketing through the use of hashtag overlays. These hashtags allow clients to connect with your brand and each other on Twitter long after your broadcast. Television hashtags are commonly used by brands that sponsor various shows. They boost the viewing of the shows and allow you to increase the number of social media users on your pages.

Personal Selling and Social Media Marketing

Not everyone will be immediately interested in your social media pages. You can increase the interest on your pages through personal selling to potential clients. To know which clients you should target in personal selling, you can use cookies. These keep track of a user’s online activity and allow you to follow an interested client on other online platforms. You can then invite them to your social media pages where they can get special offers for your products or services.

Getting the right marketing channel mix is the most challenging part of multichannel marketing. With the right combination from the above and the right marketing expert, the profits of multichannel marketing will be guaranteed for your brand. This because of the increased attention your brand will get and the consistency you will enjoy.

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