Before the Move: What to Do with Excess Items

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Moving OutMoving to a new house involves a lot of work. You have to transfer massive amounts of items from one place to another. From furniture to appliances, you will be carrying large items you do not normally lift into a truck. You may need to disassemble some furniture only to put back together once they have reached the place. There are even some things you may no longer take with you to your new address.

During the moving process, you will be left with lots of items in your old home. You cannot just leave them behind to rot. Here are some things you could to all the things left behind:

Segregate and Toss

Moving allows you to recognise the things you just keep at home from those you actually use. You might have several appliances that only sit there but you have only used a number of times. You can set these things aside and separate them from those that you no longer use because they have broken down. Some of these things are only taking up space in your old home, after all. As Kwik Skips recommends, find a skip bin hire service and have all these trash collected.

Sell or Give Away

There are those items that are still good and working, but you do not choose to take them to your new home. You may already have equivalent appliances in your new home, or you might have bought a furnished house. What happens to your other items? If you have friends who might need these appliances or furniture, you can just give it to them. Hold a garage sale and make money out of all the old items and trinkets you might still have in your closet. The money you earn might cover the costs of moving.

Transferring to a new address is a start of your new life. Know how to take care of the things you will be leaving behind.

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